CAIROTEP - The ORTEP-III / CAIRO implementation, is based on the well known thermal ellipsoid plotting tool ORTEP-III (ver. 1.03), and incorporates the CAIRO graphics library as the plotting backend. CAIROTEP can directly output the PNG, SVG, PDF and Postscript format graphics, and can potentially use the Win GDI or Xlib for screen output, also a variety number of targets supported by CAIRO could be implemented by yourself. CAIROTEP is a cross-platform and light-weight command-line utility, it can be easily integrated into some auto processing (web publishing, batch, etc) tools (as sub-processes).

CIFTEP is a simple and useful python helper script for easy generation of TEP instructions from CIF files.

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Program Structure. (Ellipses with dashed lines mean targets not implemented by current CAIROTEP release, but potentially to be extended to.)

Read more about ORTEP-III, Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plot program for crystal structure illustrations.

Read more about CAIRO, a multi-platform library providing anti-aliasing vector-based rendering for multiple target backends.


Both the binary and source packages are available on the sourceforge project site.

A List of the current released files.

Compile from source:

CRTEP - The main program of CAIROTEP is written in ANSI C, the source was first converted from the ORTEP-III FORTRAN file by F2C, then the CAIROTEP specified features was added in. To compile CAIROTEP you must have an ANSI C compiler (e.g. GCC/MinGW port 3.4.2 for Windows or GCC 4.1.2 for Ubuntu Linux), and the F2C and CAIRO developer files.

For MinGW, type: gcc -o crtep -O crtep.c -lf2c -lcairo

For other platforms / compilers, just compile crtep.c and link to libf2c, libcairo and their dependencies.

Contact: Y.Lin (transi [at] / [at] Instrumentation Analysis and Measurement Center, Fuzhou University, Fujian, P.R.China.

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